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Why a trip to Nepal will be No Average Schoolies

Across Australia, schoolies has become a rite of passage for school leavers. Traditionally, it’s a week of celebration that marks your transition from a school life to adulthood, no matter what you’re planning to do afterwards. However, in recent years we’ve seen schoolies take on a whole new edge.

Now, we’re not saying that a little partying here and there isn’t good (there’s definitely cause for celebration when you finish school!) but we also know that a week of partying isn’t for everyone #toolie. Plus the traditional schoolies has evolved into something that isn’t always pretty.

So, what’s the alternative?

Himalayan Schoolies offers you something completely different. Rather than a week of partying and drinks that you probably won’t remember, you'll get 2-3 weeks that you’ll never forget. For five days, you’ll get to meet and teach some incredible children in one of Nepal’s schools and the rest of the time will be spent exploring everything that Nepal has to offer - jungles, temples, the Himalaya, animals, ancient rituals, the list doesn’t stop.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, here’s why a Himalayan Schoolies is better than the alternative.

You’ll get to see a new part of the world

We know that some schoolies now take students overseas, but what’s the point in travelling if you’re not going to soak up the culture (and probably won’t remember it anyway!)? On a Himalayan Schoolies, you’ll get to truly experience a place you might otherwise never visit – meeting the locals, trying the food, and spotting exciting new animals. Check out this excellent blog post about the food you can eat and the animals you can see

You’ll meet like minded people

It’s not just about meeting the people of Nepal, you’ll also travel with a group of likeminded peers from back home. We’ve seen people from all walks of life join Himalayan Schoolies. Trips like these can create bonds that last a lifetime and you’ll have shared memories that will keep you reminiscing for years to come.

And the experience will open new doors

Experiencing something new will broaden your horizons. You never know where this adventure might lead you. You could discover a passion for teaching, realise your love for animals, find enthusiasm for extreme sports, or just fall in love with Nepal. We’re giving you the opportunity to change your life in ways you can’t imagine. Don't believe us? Check out this great article on 5 ways travelling changes your life.

Spice market, Nepal | © Vera & Jean-Christophe/Flickr

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Himalayan Schoolies and start your adventure today.

Guest Blog by Matthew Eakin, Founder of Himalayan Schoolies.

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