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15 moms give their advice for teaching kids to be kind this school year

15 moms give their advice for teaching kids to be kind this school year

Kindness starts at home. That's why, as America heads into the 2018-2019 school year, we turned to real moms to find out how they teach their kids kindness.

Because the truth is: Your kid can be the most popular, the smartest or the fastest but in the end, none of it matters if they aren't kind.

From all-inclusive birthday parties to asking how they could have been more kind during the day, this is what real moms are doing to raise great kids.

"I make sure my kids are extra kind and sensitive to the children whose parents can't go to EVERY. SINGLE. SCHOOL. EVENT. Some of the little shows/publishing parties add up for a working parent and my own children understand that, so I make sure no one feels left out or sad if their parent cant make it." -- Lisa Lawrence

"We review our day at dinner. Based on those conversations we might choose a book on that topic to read at bed time to talk more about something from school. Depending on the time of year we may theme our evening talks and books around that: civil rights, Latino history, Eid etc." -- Maureen Yusuf-Morales

"I throw a Halloween party every year. All the kids in my daughter’s class are invited. Now that they are entering 5th grade the last few years not all attend. But I still want everyone to know they are invited." -- Beth Bahr

"My parents created this rule: you invite everyone in your class to your birthday party, or no party at all (usually all the girls as a kid) Now not everyone is able to do this but it was the most incredible lesson and made me socially inclusive the rest of my life ... And because I was inviting kids I probably wouldn't have initially, I became better friends with them. ... I plan on doing the same with my kids now that I am a mom!" -- Melissa Hobley

"On school half days, make an open invitation for the class to meet at a local park for a picnic for lunch. ... Always a fun, relaxed hang out time with some people who you don't typically cross paths with." -- Beth Foraker

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