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How to Find Your Calling

Are you still figuring out your calling?

Wondering what you can do today to get closer to why you're really here?

In this interview with Daria Tsvenger, Mindset expert and host of the personal development program “Dream Sprint”, she shares insightful and practical strategies for finding your calling.

What are your go-to brainpower strategies for figuring out your calling?


The first step is to understanding what are you envious of, and what makes you jealous.

It's not an easy thing to do, because our society blames us for these emotions. But our brain is designed to envy other people - it's called "fairness mechanism." Because during the evolution the most survivable "brains" were able to spot the best "banana" by making sure that no other "monkey" gets it. But we are not living in scarcity anymore; we have all the opportunities in the world to pursue.

For example, if you see somebody having a fantastic public speaking event, and you wish to be in their place, but you don't know how to even start taking steps. This is when you should tell yourself - if it's possible for them - then it's possible for me.

Or you see another person who is happy at their job, and you like what they do, and you start to feel that you want to do the same. Listen to that feeling. When we can speak about that boldly, and then be happy about other people having your dream, it means that there are more chances that it will manifest in your life.


Also, another brain power strategy for figuring out your calling is to do the values exercise. So when you understand what brings you joy, and what inspires you to act and to pursue things - listen to that. For example, if you know that you like adventures and enjoy being around people. This is what makes you happy so you probably should look into careers, which help you to amplify those opportunities that bring you in front of people.

On the other side, if you don't like doing these thing and you're more of an introverted person with an analytical mind. You should recognize this about yourself too. And I'm all about amplifying your best qualities and then actually strengthening them instead of trying to make something from your characteristics that you are not naturally drawn to. And this is what I see many people do - they say "Oh, if it's not hard enough, it means that I shouldn't pursue it." For example, a friend of mine, she is a real estate agent. One day she told me, "Oh Daria, you know I don't like real estate, it's tough for me to "sell."

Later in the conversation, she mentioned that what she would enjoying doing is working with special kids and teaching them acting. We often discount out natural callings as they are "too easy." But you know what - for some people, it's super tricky. So why would you ask a fish to jump when it can swim faster?

Be honest with yourself. Try things that inspire you. Turn resentment for other people's successes into inspiration.

In your experience, once you have identified where you want to go, what is the first step towards reaching this dream?


First of all, when you define your dream CLEARLY and write it down, it is already 50% of success. You will be amazed by the statistics, but more than 86% of top college graduates have no idea what they want to do. No clarity around what their dreams & goals are. So that's why we see so many people unhappy with what they do because they didn't take any time to even think about it. If you are already clear on what you want, it's always great to add up more details and be even more specific about exactly what you want.

What are common obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals?


The common obstacles that prevent people from reaching their calling falls into two buckets. The first bucket is "fears." You may be thinking, "I don't have any." Nope! Unrecognizable fears are the worst things for our dreams. Because when we have those fears, they freeze our brain from spotting and pursuing opportunities. When you have those hidden fears, your brain & body goes into fight or flight response. Bingo! You become stuck because this is what fear does; it prevents you from acting.

From an evolutionary evolution standpoint, here is what science researched about advanced mammalian brains (and humans are mammals too):

If something scares you, it means that it's not a viable strategy for survival. So by having our dream and being scared of them at the same time is the worst. It means - stagnation. When you notice yourself thinking - "I'm just choosing, I'm just preparing to do this, I'm just figuring it out." Know that you have some hidden fears that prevent your brain from producing enthusiasm and inspiring action.

That's why during the free ten days of the Dream Sprint (my signature science-based online group coaching program), you'll be guided through exercises that will help you combat those fears and start acting boldly in the direction of your dreams.


The second bucket that prevents us from pursuing what we want is limiting stories that we tell ourselves to make sense of the world around us. It's not an easy job to identify them.

When I was first introduced to this concept, I didn't understand what it meant. I thought that I had no limiting beliefs at all. But when I started to use science-based tools to extract these stories - I saw how many limits I had created for myself.

When you do these exercises for the first time, it's hard to distinguish what is just your story and what is objective truth. With the proper guidance - you can learn how to tell them apart. You can take charge of your life and change it for the better. Because the inner work always comes first. That's why the most potent thing to form an opinion and control the crowd is to install some set of beliefs. If you know the belief system of a person in front of you - it becomes easier to manipulate them and control them.

Our feelings are just the software of our brains.

What is one mindset tip we could take away and use today?

Every time you hear yourself saying "I can't do this",


Turn it into "How can I do this?"

Every. Single. Time.

Interview with Daria Tsvenger, A host of Brain Power "Dream Sprint"

If you want to receive guidance and held accountable while pursuing your dreams - sign up for free 10 days of online group coaching program “The Dream Sprint”. Every three days you’ll be encouraged to do brain power exercises and become one step closer towards what you really want.


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