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Finding Your Path - Amba Brown
"Ignites the conversation and allays the worries surrounding this huge milestone in a young child’s life.
This little gem of a book will equip your child with the knowledge and confidence required to start school"
Danika Moulsdale, Child Psychologist & Mother
Inside Pags - A Happy Start to School




A fun and original way to socially, emotionally, and practically prepare children around the world for starting school. Playful and engaging, this beautifully designed resource is for every child starting to wonder about starting school and needing that little bit of support, encouragement, or insight into school life.



Format: 9x9 inches. Full colour. Available in soft and hardcover. Softcover sold on site.
Pages: 30

Price: AUD$19.99 (softcover)

Postage: AUD $5 within Australia

International Postage: AUD $10

"Brilliant!...such amazing insights for children written in a way that’s sure to connect"
Kate Hall, Australian Early Childcare Director
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"Finding Your Path Starting School is the perfect book for calming those first day nerves and painting a picture of what kids can expect."
Bravery Magazine
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"The author has a degree in psychology, and it sure shows. She imbues this book with constant reassurances and positive messages to give young children the confidence they need to try something new."
Lynda Dickson, Books Direct
EduBlogs Review - FYP
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