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"Finding Your Path Strikes the perfect balance between informative and practical." 

~ Dr. Timothy Sharp - (Dr. Happy) 

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

The Happiness Institute


"The finding Your Path books are an invaluable resource for transitioning students."

~ Christine Stratford, Senior Education Officer,

Catholic Education Services, Cairns - Australia 

"I love the tone and message of these books. They include great advice and tips for young people."

~ Tara Schofield -  Program Leader and Online Training, The School of Positive Psychology

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Finding Your Path Books - Amba Brown
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Book Launch Australia 2018
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“A great resource with so much practical wisdom and positivity packed inside!”

Rachel Samson, M.Psych (Clin)


"For all Year 12 students looking for a guide to transition from now to your next adventure I highly recommend Finding Your Path - A guide to life & happiness after school."

~ James Cummins - The Positivity Project

Graduation Gift, finding your path books, Amba Brown, Review
Finding Your Path Books Review

"a great tool to keep things in perspective and help you through the next phase." 

~ Batyr  Australia

"The Tasmanian Department of Education congratulates Amba Brown on her efforts towards promoting a positive psychology approach to providing support for young people."

~ Jeremy Rockliff MP - Deputy Premier, Minister for Education and Training, Tasmanian Government, Australia 


"The finishing school book is a valuable resource for career advisors."

~ Ken Davies - Chief Executive Department of Education Northern Territory Government, Australia 

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"Finding Your Path - Starting School, is the perfect book for calming those first day nerves and painting a picture of what kids can expect."
Bravery Magazine

"I wish I had teachers giving me this advice at school." 

~ YouTube reviewer 

ABC Radio Interview.JPG
Australian Book Tour - 2018 
Finding Your Path Books Interview, Amba Brown, Graduation Gift

Listen here

"The author has a degree in psychology, and it sure shows. She imbues this book with constant reassurances and positive messages to give young children the confidence they need to try something new." 

~ Lynda Dickson, Books Direct

“The most useful book you’ll read in year 12... and won’t be tested on until after school! ‘Finding Your Path - A guide to life & happiness after school’ - when school is finished and Schoolies passes by, let this pass on some lessons which will get you through the transition.”


"A fantastic book for school-leavers and my go-to graduation gift. If you're a teacher or know a school leaver - I strongly recommend this book!" 

Tim Felton, Year 12 Teacher, International School Singapore 

"The perfect graduation gift." 

- Readers Digest Magazine

LA Times Festival of Books 2016
Los Angeles, USA - 2016 

"The text is warm and inviting, and can be flipped through casually, or dived into, pen-in hand to make some life-changing decisions. Beautifully written, and Highly recommended."

~ Louella Covich - Child Psychologist & Founder of Kids Cove Creative Therapy , Australia

Finding Your Path Books, Amba Brown

"It is full of aphorisms that build up and provide confidence to the young adults who might be trying to find a path in this world." 

~ The Manly Daily - Sydney, Australian Newspaper

"Amba Brown has written a truly excellent, wholly inspirational guide to happiness in a non-judgmental voice young people cannot help but relate to. So if you only give your young adult children one present this Christmas, make it this book."

~ SHE 'SAID', International Online Magazine  

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Graduaton gift book, finding your path books, Amba Brown

"There will be a group of students who respond and relate well to the different style and approache to the sharing of key messages that are provided in this publication."

-Infostream Education Notice:

Finding Your Path Books, Graduation Gift, Amba Brown

'Ranked on Books Best Sellers List.' 

~ Ranked #1 in 'Education Problem Solving'

~ Ranked #2 in 'Psychology Education and Training'


More reviews on Amazon

Finding Your Path Books, Graduation gift, Amba Brown, Interview

' You don’t have to get it right the first time.

This is the message Amba’s book ‘finding your path’ conveys and her recent ted talk on the subject is a must-watch for anyone of any age considering their future path.

Gemma Gosden,

Founder of UK Career site, Girl Did Good

"Amba presented a valuable and engaging workshop at Positive Schools 2018. It was a pleasure to have her on board, to meet her & to have such a great contribution to the event"

Dr Helen Street, Founder and Chair,

The Positive Schools Initiative

Positive Schools 2018 Amba Brown
Positive Schools Confrence Amba Brown

"A fresh approach to navigating a happy life after school.."

~Education Matters Magazine

"Written in a clear and upbeat style that will appeal to its target readers. "

Readers' Favorite

"With suggestions ranging from the familiar to the fantastic, she opens a world of possibilities while empowering her readers with the reassurance to ultimately trust in happiness as their inner guide.

Finding Your Path is a must-have guide for any graduate or millennial looking to create a life of joy, purpose, and personal success." 

~ Maura Sweeney - Ambassador of Happiness, USA

EduBlogs Review - FYP

"A fantastic and valuable guide to these impressionable and rather lost 17-year-olds we push out the school doors."

- Gabrielle Mace, Head of Library & Information Services, Leading Independent Girls School, Mosman, Australia

Amba Brown, Graduation Gift, Finding Your Path Books, Interview

"Amba's book is a reflection of the passion, awareness, and strength she carries with her through each day. She personifies the meaning of a true role model and has great insight into the human condition.


Drawing on both her research in positive psychology and her own experiences she inspires and encourages readers to begin their pathway of exploration and self-reflection. She gently guides the reader to reflect on the things that are important to them whilst sharing words of wisdom and support along the way." 

~ Adrienne O'Dell - Psychologist & Founder of Sixth Facet, Australia

Gradution gift, finding Your path books, Amba Brown, ANZA

"Support your children and a good cause. Amba Brown works at the Australian High Commission in Singapore and has an honours degree in psychology. She recently created a guide for school leavers to support and inspire them as they continue forward in finding their path."

~ The Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) Magazine, Singapore 

Book Launch Uluru.jpg

“I think it's something that everyone in their twenties, whether you're just out of school or a few years, should read. It's helpful beyond words and I'm so thankful I stumbled upon it.”

~ Briana, Blogger of, USA

"Amba's TEDx Talk is a useful resource which I include in my Career Development Course.


One of its key messages - 'knowing it's OK to change and switch paths' is an important message for students today."

- Vince Jeevar,

"Amba presented a valuable and engaging workshop at Positive Schools 2018.


It was a pleasure to have her on board, to meet her & to have such a great contribution to the event"


Chair, Dr. Helen Street, Founder and 

The Positive Schools Initiative

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