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The Finding Your Path Project supports youth through times of change; 

starting school,

starting high school

& finishing school.


It’s during these transitions where students can feel out of their comfort zones, experience anxiety or fear around the unknowns or their abilities to cope.

When these transitions are a positive, happy experience, it can become the foundation of many years of academic and social future success.


It has also been found to be vital to the development of students' self-esteem and academic self-competence as well as preventative of potential anti-social behavior, substance misuse, depression, and suicide. 


The books have found their path across more than 15 countries, published by International Publisher HarperCollins, stocked internationally, gifted to thousands of transitioning students – praised & supported by students and various professionals including;

child psychologists,

positive psychologists,


school counselors,

ministers of education, and

the media.  

Read the reviews.

The first 'Positive Transitioning Series' in the world.

Finding Your Path Books - Amba Brown
Great Wall of China
The Starting High School Book - Outback.
Utah, USA

Who are these books for?

Written for youth, these books target specific transitions - finishing high school, starting high school, and starting school.


What's inside? 

Filled with bright and fun graphics and text designed by Diana Chirilas, the pages positively support the reader through their new life change. Being grounded in positive psychology principles, they promote the importance of keeping a positive mindset and trusting yourself.


Thanks to the science of positive psychology, the benefits of thinking positively aren't just what we could be doing, it's what we should be doing. It's what we should be teaching our future generations.

YAY! Time to get on the bandwagon.   


Grand Canyon, USA
Amba Brown
Amba New York
Amba Brown

Amba Brown

Who's Amba? 

Amba is a Mother, Certified Happiness Coach, Meditation Practitioner, & Positive Psychology author, who holds a degree majoring in psychology & sociology, with a Psychological Science Honours specialising in Positive Psychology and a Masters in Professional Psychology.


Her work has been featured in Readers Digest, ABC National Radio, The Huff Post, The Positive Psychology Blog, She'said', and SimpleK-12, to name a few.


She has also delivered her message on the TEDx Stage


Amba is also a member of The International Positive Psychology Association and is passionate about alleviating the anxieties of youth. Her goal is to share these tools as far and wide as possible.


Where's she from? 

Originally from Sydney, Australia, she has also lived in Asia and America. Wherever she is, she always carries with her the goal of implementing the science of happiness. 

Why did she write these books?

Like everyone else, Amba has lived through and observed the various pressures and stresses of the phases moving into adulthood. As she progressed through these uncertain and anxious new periods, she always felt that there should be a guide that she could refer to and consult in making informed decisions for herself. 


Amba's daughter and five younger siblings whose similar concerns over the years have proven to her that the message of these books is still relevant and important. 


Writing these guidebooks to support and inspire youth, as they continue forward in finding their path, is her personal contribution to the field of positive psychology.


What is she doing now?

After living overseas, in Asia and America, for the past 7 years promoting the Finding Your Path Project internationally, Amba returned to Sydney, Australia in 2021, where she now resides with her husband and two daughters. She currently works as an author and Positive Psychology Clinician.

Contributing to the field of positive psychology is her dream. 

Amba Brown

The original manuscript

trailer... A sneak peek into

Amba's LA writing pad... 

"You're in charge of creating

your happiness."

- Amba Brown

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