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The Starting High School Book- Finding Your Path


A guide to starting high school with a smile

"Invaluable for preparing students to make the transition to high school, both practically and emotionally.”

Primary School Teacher, Tarrah Macdonald


'Finding Your Path - A Guide to Starting High School With a Smile' was created to offer practical advice with a positive psychology undertone to support readers through the major life transition of starting high school.


The target audience is both boys and girls who are preparing for the changes in high school.

This guide includes practical tips, positive quotes, analogies, interactive pages, food for thought, stories from other students and motivational ideas.


Format: 6x9 Inches. Full colour. Available in soft and hardcover. Softcover sold on site.
Pages: 144

Price: AUD$21.99 (softcover)

Postage: AUD $5 within Australia

International Postage: AUD $10

Graduation gift, Starting high school, new book, Finding Your Path Books, FYP

FYP is the character in the book who is the readers friend.Tip: FYP is short for 'Finding Your path', and rhymes with 'pip' not 'pipe'.

Finding Your Path 2 - Contents
***Included in Victoria, Australia's Distance Education Curriculum


"The topic is refreshing, original and relevant, which makes the book a must-have and a must-read for all students."
- Readers' Favourite
Review of Finding Your Path Books 2
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“A great resource with so much practical wisdom and positivity packed inside!”

Rachel Samson, M.Psych (Clin)


Book 'A guide to starting high school with a smile'
Inside pags - Finding Your Path
"It helps build resilience and confidence when moving from the primary setting to the secondary setting."
- Helen Stearman, Distance Education Centre Victoria
"A really cool book to read before going to high school."
- Cooper, Student
Starting High School Book On Amazon
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"Finding your path isn’t just an ordinary book filled with words, it’s so much more. There are many boys & girls who are either beginning or starting at a new high school. That's where anxiety and mixed emotions come in. Just remember, you are not the only one going through this, everyone is.


This book “Finding Your Path” helps support you through your transition into high school. The Author, Amba Brown is here to help, all your questions will be covered after reading her incredible book."


- Kiara, Student 

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