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frequently asked questions

5 Q&A's with the series author, Amba:

1. What's your background & what do you do now?

"I grew up in Sydney, Australia, where I finished my psychology studies in 2012. My first job out of university was working as a psychological investigator, which I did until 2014 before moving to Singapore.


In Singapore, I worked at the Australian Embassy assisting Australian citizens. 


While each job has been extremely rewarding, all along the way, I've always had my side book project.


I spent a year living in California in 2016, dedicated to working as a full-time Positive Psychology Author creating the 'Finding Your Path Books Series'. 


In 2018, I travelled around Australia promoting the series. My main mission was to support and inspire youth through their major life transitions.

From 2019 to 2020, I lived in New York City where I launched the series internationally.

January 2021 saw us (my husband, daughter and I) relocate back to Sydney Australia where I now work as a Freelance Writer and Positive Psychology Coach."  


2. When did you start writing the series?

"While the first book was originally self-published in September 2015, the idea was actually born another 11 years before this, when I finished high school in 2004 and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do.


It wasn’t until my first year of full-time work in 2013, without having study commitments, that I began writing the book. I continued to work on the book in my spare time while I was employed for 3 years until being a full-time author in 2016.


In September 2017, the book was published by the International Publisher - HarperCollins." 


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Amba Brown
Amba Brown
Amba Brown
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Starting high school book - thailand
Finding Your Path Books
Amba Brown
Finding your path book tour - NSW
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3. Who are the top 5 people who've inspired your work?


  1. Anthea Paul (Australian author)

  2. Jessica Hagy (American author)

  3. Oprah (no explanation needed)

  4. Tim Ferris (American author)

  5. Elizabeth Gilbert (American author)


4. Who should I contact for media inquiries?

For media inquiries please send a request via the site.


5. I have more questions - How can I get in touch?

Send a message via this site using the Contact Form, or connect on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Amba Brown in Singapore
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