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3 Reasons You Need to Believe in Yourself

Pick up any self-help book and it will tell you the importance of believing in yourself.

Believing creates confidence

Why and how you might ask?

Here are 3 strong reasons why you need to believe in yourself:

1. Believing will lead to action

Once you believe in yourself and your project, you'll become motivated to take action and achieve the outcome.

Many famous people, such as Michael Jackson, Oprah, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Jerry Seinfeld (just to name a few) have failed over and over again before they eventually succeeded.

The one thing they have in common - self-belief. A belief that kept them focused and got them back up to try again until they reached their expected goals.

2. Believing means you understand failure is temporary

Ever heard of Niklas Hed? The guy that built Angry Birds – the mobile app that dominated the app store and become ridiculously popular?

What you may not of heard is that he created 51 games before that which failed.

After the 51st fail he could have looked at things one of two ways;

  1. I obviously don’t know how to build a successful app, or,

  2. Failure is part of the process - it’s only temporary.

Luckily for us, and him, he saw things the second way. So, when you next experience failure, don’t give up - remember it is only temporary.

3. Believing creates confidence that results in more positive results

It’s a big world out there and there’s no way of sugar coating this - most people won’t believe in your dreams. It’s a complex issue, pretty disheartening and probably best to leave for another day's discussion, but the bottom line is the responsibility lies within you.

You’re not only going to come up against the doubts of others, there will also be some real hurdles along the way. There will be a heap of no’s and then a few more. Develop a thick skin as soon as you can and call on your self belief during these times.

Once you believe in yourself, you'll develop a certain confidence that will protect you through the obstacles.

In turn, you’ll continue on and obtain more positive results.

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