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Global Collaboration Day, Live stream - Amba Brown Shares Global Tips on Finding Your Path

Global Collaboration Day is a 24-hour online event that takes place in September,

wherever you are located in the world.


On 21st September at 6:30pm (UTC+10:00), as part of Global Collaboration Day, Amba will discuss matters relevant to the first book - 'Finding Your Path - A guide to life and happiness after school', and the need to provide global tools and techniques for students around the world who make this transition.

Download this free worksheet to start planning life after school.

More about the series:

The Finding Your Path series was created to tackle the transitions of youth, when we need that little bit of extra help.

When it comes to change - it's more than "normal" for us to wander, worry and feel a little unsure during these times.These books are written for youth & target specific transitions - finishing high school, starting high school and starting big school.

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