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The Impact of phones of Teenage Happiness

Can you find happiness in the palm of your hands? This article suggests the opposite.

If you have teenagers in your life and they seem to not be the happiest campers in the world, the problem is probably clutched in their hands.

In a study co-authored by psychologists from San Diego University and the University of Georgia (talk about two schools with differing views of the world) it was found that teenagers had been increasing their happiness every year, by small doses, through 2012. Then, it took a sharp drop.What was at fault? Was it the recession of 2007? Did teenagers watch their parents suffering mental anguish and go right down with them? Please. Adults are barely human to teenagers and they think even less of the ones they live with.

No, the problem seems to stem from another development that came along in 2007. The dawn of the smartphone.

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