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Finding Your Path Book Tour: Part 3

"Totally in awe of Victoria."

Hi again folks - Pat here,

You guessed it – it’s time to share the details of the 3rd state on The Finding Your Path Book Tour – Victoria.

If you missed Part 1 – QLD or Part 2 – NSW you can catch up here.

If you're up to date, read on...

(Photo - First stop Victoria, Marlo Camp site)

Night one in Victoria set the standards high! Not only did Amba & James break their camp set up time, but the beauty of Victoria absolutely smacked them in the face!

Just past the boarder in a town called Marlo, we set up on a cliff top overlooking a river that sat before the ocean. We were the only ones around for as far as the eye could see, and it was here we watched a sunset that will never be forgotten. Naturally, we set up office for another 4 days and got to work.

I have to say the high standards of the state never dropped and the diversity was ever-changing - from beachside to lush countryside, to rocky mountains that stretched for miles as we navigated our way via the Victorian High Country (where we passed over more than 20 river crossings) into Melbourne.

Finding Your Path Books

(Picture - Victorian High Country)

Before reaching the big smoke we got to take away our first guest for a night – James and Amba’s 5-year-old niece Sophia. She didn’t only love her first camp trip but also shared her positive thoughts on the starting school book!

(You can read our new reviews from the month by students, book reviewers and teachers here.)

Starting School Book - Finding Your Path Books

(Picture - Sophia Reading 'A Happy Start to School')

A week in Melbourne meant schools visits, work meetings and catch-ups with family and friends. I have to say, I spent my time parked on one of Melbourne's most beautiful streets in Toorak (probably looking my dirtiest yet), while Amba & James loved every minute exploring the city.

Thank you to everyone who showed them a magical time. There’s undoubtedly no better way to experience a new place than through the eyes of a local.

The only downside being we wish we were there longer to squeeze in more! A big sorry to all the people we’d hope to see while in town and couldn’t get to - hopefully it’s not too long between visits.

On a positive note, Finding Your Path Books is working on some exciting collaborations with a few Melbournites over the coming months, stay tuned to hear more announcement soon!

Finding Your Path Books Tour Australia 2018

(Picture - Amba writing at the Mornington Peninsular Camp Site)

It was also in Melbourne that we had a significant plot twist…

While the plan originally was to drive from Cairns to Perth (clockwise around Australia), I guess we completely underestimated how far that is. So, as we reached Melbourne we decided instead we would switch out Perth for Uluru and cut straight up towards the Northern Territory from Adelaide.

While there will be limited schools along this route, Amba & James will still be working backend on the series and posting out your book orders along the way.

It will also hopefully give Amba the chance to work on her new writing project that will also be announced in the New Year!

The second major part of the plot twist being that once the tour finishes in Sydney this December, James and Amba will sadly be selling me and packing up house to move to New York City. Sad for me, but exciting for them to launch the books in the USA!

Changing plans can be stressful when you’ve set out with the idea to accomplish one thing or another, but I guess it’s all part of the journey, being open to changes and embracing these alternative pathways that pop up along the way.

Finding Your path books tour Australia

(Picture - James Voltz, somewhere along the road Victoria)

Following a week of city life in Melbourne, we passed by the Mornington Peninsular where we hung out in Point Leo and explored the various surroundings. Vineyards, sculpture parks, beaches, finished by catching the car ferry to Queenscliff where we began exploring the amazingness that is the Great Ocean Road.

Re-named the 'Greatest Ocean Road' by James.

The 12 Apostles being Amba’s favourite spot so far, and the perfect spot for a new Bookgram to add to the Book Gallery!

Amba Brown - Finding your Path Book Tour Australia, Victoria

(Picture - 3 Books at the 12 Apostles)

Phone reception was few and far between as they camped in various hideaways along this road, finally arriving in Portland our last stop before the South Australian boarder.

It’s not hard to see that this state has much to offer. As a Sydney-sider I must stay loyal, but Melbourne you’re a clear second favourite :)

Amba Brown - Finding your path books

(Picture - Driving The Great Ocean Road)

Touch base after we finish exploring South Australia folks!

- Pat


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