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Celebrity Morning Activities That Can Increase Daily Productivity

Mornings have a bad reputation for a variety of reasons. One example is people enjoy their beauty sleep and dread the sound of their alarms. However, changing your perception of mornings can impact your productivity during the day.

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Think about your day now. Do you wake up tired and find yourself rushing out the door every morning? If this sounds like you, consider adding some constructive activities to your morning before heading to work.

An activity as simple as enjoying a healthy breakfast can turn a rushed day into an exceptional day. Some popular morning routines can be categorized into two main areas: diet and exercise. It’s time to establish a morning routine designed for success.

Morning activities involving diet includes drinking a glass of lemon water, savoring a cup of coffee, and eating protein-rich breakfast.

Drinking lemon water has a plethora of benefits and is widely implemented to people’s morning routines, even Naomi Campbell. Lemon water contains flavonoids which can treat health issues such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Some more mild benefits include boosts of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Coffee is the perfect start for many people’s day and can be the primary reason people roll out of bed. Arianna Huffington loves to start her day with a cup of joe! Whether you brush your teeth before or after a cup of coffee, the benefits of coffee outshine this debate. In fact, coffee as proved to reduce the risk of diabetes and protect against heart failure. No wonder people love coffee so much!

Eating a protein-rich breakfast is often skipped by some people — but not Jennifer Aniston! A rushed body and mind cause this behavior. Dedicating time to making a protein-rich breakfast can improve your overall diet and feel satisfied throughout your day. A few examples include a shake with dark leafy greens, fruits and pure protein. At night, fill your blender with fruit and store in your refrigerator for easy access the next morning.

Morning activities involving exercise include practicing yoga and a modified workout. Yoga intimidates a lot of people which leads to thoughts such as “it’s not for me.” However, simple yoga poses and even stretching has physical and mental health benefits.

Miley Cyrus can’t start her day without a yoga session. People who regularly practice yoga have lower cortisol level which assists in stress management. If you work in a high-stress career, this could be the best morning activity for you.

A slightly more common obvious exercise activity is a modified workout. Whether it’s cardio or weightlifting, a simple 15-minute workout can promote a better night’s rest. Additionally, studies have shown morning workouts help people burn more fat throughout their days and reduce blood pressure. Combining a quick workout and a protein-rich diet can make a huge difference in your morning moods.

These five-morning activities from FragranceX are just a glimpse into how emulating celebrating mornings can increase your productivity during the day. Forgoing your rushed morning routine for a health-conscious one can shift your perception of the morning.

Start slow and ease your way into a better tomorrow.

Celebrity morning routines

Written by Murphy Leigh, in-house writer and videographer for FragranceX.


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