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5 Resume Tips for Grads

Your resume is your tool when applying for jobs. It should summarise your experience and outline why you’re the right person for the position.

It can be overwhelming when putting together your resume for the first time! To get you started, here are 5 simple tips you can follow to land yourself an interview.

resume tips for grads

1. Choose a font, style and size that’s easy to read and stick to it throughout your resume

You can also use templates available in Microsoft Word. Even easier than working from scratch.

Some example resumes can be found at

2. Be clear and informative, without rambling

Use bullet points and focus on including relevant experience to the role you’re applying for.

For ideas of what to include in your resume check out

3. Ensure you spell and grammar check your resume before submitting

Errors in a resume show lack of care and poor attention to detail. You're likely to be discounted based on this alone.

4. Attach a cover letter

A cover letter is a separate document, that briefly but professionally summarises why you’re applying and why they should hire you for the role. This is your opportunity to express your eagerness and stand out from your competition.

See examples at here>

5. There are no strict rules for how your resume should look

One person can have various resumes to use depending on the job they’re applying for. Each of us will also have individual preferences for layout and style.

So now you can finish it off with your personal touches :)


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