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5 Tips to Help Your Teenager Find A Happy Path After School

I’m not sure what’s more stressful, being the student trying to work out what’s next after school, or the loved one trying to support them during this significant transition. Either way, there are some big decisions at hand for your teenager.

When confronted by their confused face and the question “What should I do?”, I’m sure you’d love nothing more than to give your child a simple answer that will ease their anxieties. However hard it feels, though, try to resist the urge to make decisions for them.

Instead, a more positive approach to take is to provide your child with the skills and information necessary to make choices for themselves. It’s wise to always remember that sometimes they will love their choice, and other times they’ll learn from it. Fostering this approach will strengthen your child’s confidence in their decision-making skills, kick-start their unique path-finding journey and prepare them for their future ahead.

Here are 5 ways to positively support your child in finding their path after school:

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