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Sally Forrest, from Soul Kids, shares how to build a home conducive to happiness...

They say that an apple does not drop far from the tree, and this is true for happy children.

A happy, positive and optimistic child will come from a home that demonstrates these traits.

The home is where the foundations are put down and where the first teachings of a child begin.

If you find that your child is going through phases of unhappiness, then first reflect on what is happening in the home environment.

Moving home, relationship issues with your spouse, sickness, loss of a pet .... All of these affect the energies of your home and its occupants.

Before you become concerned about the child, first reflect on the home environment and energies. How much laughter is in the home? Is the home a relaxed one or is everyone on edge all the time?

Fix the home and the child will change.

So how do you build a home conducive to happiness?

Here are a few tips and guidelines :

1) Have a family Mission

What do you as a family value and want from life?

Include every family member, each one will contribute and then you agree the mission to ensure accountability and buy in.

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