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10 Tips for landing your dream job

Is searching for your dream job a resolution?

If so, this article by Courtney Connley for CNBC will steer you in the right direction!

Whether you're a recent college graduate or a seasoned employee, looking for a new job can be stressful.

While there are hundreds of online job postings that you can apply to, it's difficult to find the right position that fits your lifestyle and needs. To help, job search platform Glassdoor has launched a new online class, "How to Get a Job: A Step-by-Step Guide," in order to help professionals narrow their search and land the job that's perfect for them.

Relying on advice from experts on everything from how to look for a job to landing an interview and and following-up with hiring managers, Glassdoor has compiled the top tips job seekers should follow to secure their dream position in 2018.

1. Identify your skill sets

Many people start their job search by looking at the job titles that sound most fitting to their career goals. While this method may prove to be successful for some, Glassdoor career expert Scott Dobroski suggests job seekers look at the required skills of a position instead. By doing this, Dobroski says employees will be able to identify the skill sets they already possess and the jobs that best match their experiences.

Also, since job titles are constantly changing, Dobroski says focusing on the required skills of a position can open your search up to job titles that you didn't even know matched your expertise.

2. Utilize online resources and company websites

Thanks to the internet, looking for a job today goes far beyond asking a friend and searching for an opening in the newspaper. Now, companies use their website to advertise job openings, and job search platforms can also help you identify opportunities. Use these sites to not only search for a specific position, but to also look for "similar jobs" or "suggested jobs" that may pique your interest.

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