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10 important lessons parents must teach their children about failure

Failure is a part of life... we all learn this sooner or later.

Here is a helpful article for what and why we should be teaching our children about failure...

What we should be teaching our children about failure

The most important leadership role we can undertake is that of parent-hood. It comes with a lot of responsibility, primarily because parents need to set boundaries for themselves. An over-emphasis on success at a young age can scar a child for life. Hence, it is equally important that parents teach their children to think of failure as a constructive experience.

Here are 10 ways you can teach your children resilience:

1. Define success

You define success stressing upon certain things like a limousine or penthouse. It is more important that your child turns out to be a good human being than a business tycoon. If you want your child to have the right priorities, do not market materialism as happiness.

2. Keep failure as an option

Some parents go as far as to tell their children, “Do not come home if you do not get all A*s”. Even if this was a joke, it will have a lasting impact on the teenager. These terms dictating conditional love stop troubled children from approaching their parents for help.

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