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Tips for improving staff wellbeing in schools

Amid the retention crisis and ever-increasing levels of teacher stress, it has never been more important to look after staff wellbeing. Sonia Mainstone-Cotton has some suggestions:

staff wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is a significant challenge for managers and school leaders, who are in an excellent position to make a difference to the lives of their staff.

If your team are feeling good in themselves, they are able to improve the wellbeing of the children they are working with, and they can flourish and meet their full potential, which is good both for them and the workplace.

We know that poor wellbeing can lead to increased sick leave, dissatisfaction with the job, lower-quality work, and even staff departures. Wellbeing is affected by a wide range of issues, some of which are outside the workplace, but there are plenty of ways in which managers can support staff.

I’ve compiled a few simple tips and suggestions on how you can improve the wellbeing of your own staff, taken from head teachers and managers.

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