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What A School That Stresses Happiness — Not Test Scores — Will Look Like

Danish Kurani is using architecture to help rebuild education. Riverbend, a boarding school in Chennai, India, is part of a larger movement being by lead architect Danish Kurani, who believes schools need to be rethought and designed for the modern age. Kurani wants to discard the past where every classroom looks the same and everything is connected by hallways.

Positive Schools

When people talk about education reform, often times it's discussed in terms of curriculum development, professional development of teachers, funding and teacher training. Kurani says that checklist is great, but it's incomplete.

"The way I see it is those are all the ingredients needed to prepare an amazing meal we're gonna call education," he told A Plus. "But I think people often forget that the meal has to be put in something. All of those elements have to come together in physical space."

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