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Entrepreneurship Doesn't Begin When You Start A Business -- It Begins Long Before That


Having ground his way through the startup phase of multiple companies, Pejman Ghadimi wants to help people understand what it’s actually like to be an entrepreneur. Ghadimi is the founder of Secret Entourageand author of the bestselling book Third Circle Theory and its sequel, Radius, which was released in 2017. In Third Circle Theory, Ghadimi sets entrepreneurs up for success by examining the journey most books on the topic skip over: getting from where you are now to the finish line.

“There is a significant difference between what entrepreneurship really is and what it’s shown to be today,” Ghadimi explained. “There is nothing beautiful about the beginning of entrepreneurship because it’s incredibly hard. The earlier people stop fantasizing about being an entrepreneur and get a real taste of what it’s like, the quicker they’ll stop focusing so much on the excitement that comes much later in the process."

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