• Amba Brown

Boost your child's EQ at home

Do you want to boost your child’s chances of success in life — and cut their risk of mental illness to boot? To start, build a home lifestyle designed to foster your child’s EQ.

EQ, or “emotional quotient,” refers to emotional intelligence — abilities like mindful self-awareness, self-control, adaptability, self-confidence, self-motivation, empathy and social leadership skills. A higher EQ leads to greater success in many areas of life and helps prevent — or reduce the impact of — many mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety.

How can you design your home lifestyle to nurture your child’s EQ? Think of your child’s home as both a school and a sanctuary: home is where most of your child’s emotional learning happens and must also be your child’s safe haven from excess stress. To promote a healthy EQ, your child needs a low-stress, brain-healthy environment that offers daily opportunities to learn EQ skills through watching and practicing.

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