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How to Find Your Creative Outlet — According to YA Lit

By exploring a character’s rich life, you can learn valuable lessons that may transform your life forever. To illustrate, a study titled Children’s Literature to Promote Students’ Global Development and Wellbeing highlighted that young individuals can develop their imagination and creativity by reading books. Although these stories are imaginative, they fully immerse readers in the narrative's world and allow them to learn alongside the protagonist.

How to Find Your Creative Outlet — According to YA Lit
How to Find Your Creative Outlet — According to YA Lit

Thus, books are the perfect tools for young adults looking for their creative outlet. These novels won’t just stimulate your imagination. They will also guide you towards your own creative path. So, if you’re looking for that spark of inspiration, follow the footsteps of the main characters in these young adult novels: Poet X Xiomara Batista is a Dominican American girl who feels invisible and unheard. Unable to express her thoughts out loud, she lets out all her frustration and passion onto the pages of her leather notebook. This simple act serves as solace for her, as she struggles with her mother’s religion, her feelings for her classmate, and her body image. This liberating act then leads Xiomara to discover her passion: poetry. Similarly, you may discover your talent for writing by following in the footsteps of the protagonist of The Poet X. Xiomara won’t only be your inspiration in writing verses, you can also learn a thing or two from the author behind this story. Author Elizabeth Acevado is an award-winning slam poet herself, so the verses within the novel are truly inspiring and worth emulating. Through Xiomara and Elizabeth, you can find your talent by writing down your thoughts and feelings. Boys Don’t Knit Through this novel, both you and protagonist Ben Fletcher will discover that boys do knit—and that they can do it very well. English teen Ben Fletcher first stumbles into knitting because he has a crush on the teacher. Though he got started with the hobby because of someone else, he soon learns that he’s a natural at knitting. Most importantly, he falls in love with the craft itself as he develops his skill. Just like Ben, you can learn how to appreciate the craft of knitting by reading the novel Boys Don’t Knit. Through the protagonist, you will learn that knitting is actually a complex craft that requires mathematical precision and creativity. Furthermore, you will be reminded that gender should not hinder you from pursuing any kind of passion. This witty novel will challenge you to go beyond gender norms and stereotypes in the process of learning your creative path. Eliza and Her Monsters High school senior Eliza Mirk is a talented artist, which is why she may inspire you to share your artworks too. In the book, we find that Eliza has been publishing a successful webcomic under a pen name. Though despite her accomplishments in her artistic pursuits, she struggles with making meaningful friendships in real life. But things seem to be changing once she comes across a popular fan fiction author who writes stories about her webcomics. By reading Eliza and Her Monsters, you may also be inspired to unleash your creativity through comics. This artistic endeavour enabled Eliza to find fulfilment (and even a friend), so you never know what kind of adventure it can bring you. Additionally, the novel shows us that we can both explore our talents and triumph over life’s challenges. If you need an added boost, listen to author Mark Twain who famously stated: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” You can find your creative outlet by allowing yourself to try different kinds of artistic pursuits. And who knows? You may even find that creative spark in the pages of a YA novel.

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