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Why we need to be teaching our teachers resilience

Teacher Resilience

We hear a lot of talk at the moment about “resilience”. It has become one of many buzz words in education around well being and mental health priorities.

But are we focusing on the right part of our eduction system?

There is no denying that we need to be teaching these skills to our children, but with the latest figures on teachers leaving the profession, shouldn’t we be teaching the teachers to cope with the stresses of the job as well?

Before I say any more I ought to talk a little about what we mean when we say resilience, for anyone who isn’t familiar with the term. Resilience is our ability to cope in difficult situations. It is not something anyone is born with, we all learn it through our experiences and challenges along the way.

We all need to learn tips and tricks to help us become more resilient, whoever we are.
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