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Preparing for Life After Graduate School

Ways to ease the transition into post-graduate life.

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As graduate students, much of our life revolves around our education. We spend countless hours writing final essays and preparing for exams, to the point that our life as a student becomes second nature. If you’re like me, it is a part of your identity. So the idea of graduating and leaving school behind can be scary. How do you deal with a new life that doesn’t involve academics? Here are a few tips for making the transition from student to professional.

Be Honest

Dealing with your post-grad life can be daunting, so being honest with yourself about how you feel is important to moving forward. This is something GradHacker Anne Guarnera has already written about when she advises grad students to intentionally setting aside time to deal with your feelings. Nothing is worse than suppressing your emotions. Eventually those feelings will bubble over. Take time to relish your journey as a student and the things you’ve learned. While you may no longer register for classes, learning is a lifelong endeavor. Your post-grad life can be exciting, so learning how to accept it can be tricky if you don’t deal with those emotions and can make finding the joy in post-grad life impossible.

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