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Making a smooth transition back to school

back to school transition

With the first day of school just around the corner, some kids may be getting anxious about going back to class - but parents can help smooth the transition.

It can be as simple at making time to talk... or taking a trip to the school and even setting the alarm a little earlier.

"The first week of school is really complicated,” says Aubrey Doss, a counselor at Will's Place.

For first time kindergartners, it could be the stress of learning classroom rules or being without mom all day.

"They maybe have never been to a school like what is this? I have a teacher, backpacks,” says Aubrey Doss.

Middle schoolers potentially have the added stress of changing schools and the fear they won't be accepted. And it doesn't stop there.

"And then high school is the same but even bigger,” says Doss.

Will's Place counselor Aubrey Doss says you can help your student first by having a chat.

"So parents can talk about it - they can say 'Hey are you nervous about it?' Probably the older teens are going to deny it to a certain degree but that's ok,” says Doss.

The school year routine is likely different than the summer - so consider getting a jumpstart on that. Doss has already started her five year old on an early breakfast.

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