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How positive psychology can enhance your job search

How positive psychology can enhance your job search

There’s a new trend in the working world today — people aren’t only looking to change their job, they’re now looking to change their profession. And, despite trend more common, switching careers is still hard to do.

Dr. Dawn Graham’s new book, Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success is a resource to help switch careers and do it successfully. Dr. Graham is Career Director for the MBA Program for Executives at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where she counsels business leaders on making strategic career choices. A licensed psychologist and former corporate recruiter, she hosts SiriusXM Radio’s weekly call-in show Career Talk on Business Radio 111.

Leveraging her experience as a career coach, she touts that Switchers provides a step-by-step guide, chock full of actionable tips and tools that empower readers to figure out their next move and draw a roadmap for how to get there. She also states that the role of psychology is an important aspect of career success for a job-seeker.

“Anytime there is human interaction, psychology is playing a role,” says Dr. Graham. “Our brains are hard at work behind the scenes engaging past experiences, emotions and other factors into our decisions and actions.”

Dr. Graham offers the following suggestions on how to harness positive psychology in career quests.

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