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Lessons From Work: Four Critical Things To Teach Your Kids About Change

Yes! Finally an article recognised in Forbes about the importance of supporting youth change....

supporting youth change

We pass so many things on to our kids. We teach them how to manage money, finances and how to achieve success. We even try to teach them about who and how to date. Okay, so they don't always listen. But hey, we try!

Why not teach them what you have learned about how to successfully adapt to change at work? After all, you have been through your fair share of change at work -- or you will. Perhaps your company has been bought or sold. Maybe you swung for the fences in a new role and came up short of expectations. Or, maybe, you hit it out of the park. Most of us have had work relationships go better than we thought they might, and others that went south unexpectedly.

As a speaker and writer that specializes in the concept of change, I can attest that adapting to change quickly and continuously has been and will be a critical skill set for your success at work. The same will be true for your kids, no matter the path or profession they choose. So why not pass on what you have learned?

Below are four critical lessons that all professionals may find it beneficial to share with their children. The principles cover how to adapt to change faster and better.

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