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How to Create New Ideas

How to create new ideas

Our brains usually create fewer ideas than they’re capable of. Routinely responding to our environments and carrying out their set tasks.

So, how can our brains break away from this routine? How can we create new rules and new ways of thinking?

The 'Ideas Challenge', created by James Altucher, is our key to unlocking new thought patterns.

Altucher explains by writing down 10 new ideas everyday for 6 months, you'll be able to completely change your way of thinking.

This simple process increases our creativity & helps us to transform into what he calls an "Idea Machine".

New York City

In his original article which explains this process in detail, Altucher states, “Many people need idea therapy. Not so they can come up with great ideas right this second (although maybe you will) but so people can come up with ideas when they need them: when their car is stuck, when their house blows up, when they are fired from their job, when their spouse betrays them, when they go bankrupt or lose a big customer, or lose a client, or go out of business, or get sick.”

We need new rules to help us live our greatest lives.

Over the past month, I've been trying this out for myself and I've loved the randomness that's come with it. The hundreds of ideas that have filled my head, which I never would have had if I didn't force myself to sit down and brainstorm.

During this period alone, I've started writing a new book, and given different speeches on topics that would have never come to mind without digging deeper.

I'm excited to see what ideas I’ll scramble up over the following months and really encourage you to take up the challenge for yourself.

It literally only takes 5-10 minutes a day and can actually be really fun.

Your lists can be on whatever you like; whatever you're interested in thinking about.

To get you thinking, here are some of the lists I’ve made so far:

  • 10 ideas for my new book

  • 10 reasons to take photographs

  • 10 speech topics

  • 10 ways to get in the writing zone

  • 10 things I learned yesterday

  • 10 television shows / movies I want to watch

Get as creative as you can.

As far as ideas go for thinking outside the box, Altucher's 'Ideas Challenge' is by far the number one tip I’ve ever received.

Through this quick brain-training technique, you will change your current way of thinking so you can start creating new rules & new ways of thinking about life.

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