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Finding Your Passion: 4 Career Paths for Kids Who Love Reading Books

Reading is one of the best activities children can do. It is through reading, that they gain a number of benefits such as sharper memory, better vocabulary, improved brain function, greater writing skills, and refined concentration. In addition, young bookworms also perform better in school. A study by professors from the University of Malaga and UCL Institute of Education notes that there is a clear positive association between the frequency children consume books and their academic performance. Researchers at the University of South Australia found that reading can even triple children's resilience at school and overall mental health.

Image credit: Unsplash || Source: In this post, we talk about the different career paths that you can encourage your kid to take if they enjoy reading books.

Author Reading can help inspire your child to create their own novels. Being an author is a great career path if your kid loves to tell stories. Through writing, your kid can build worlds on paper where they live vicariously through their characters. In addition, writing is also a good career if your child is deeply inspired and idolizes the authors of the books they read. To help your child become an author, be sure to build up their writing skills by allowing them to join writing camps and pushing them to take a creative writing degree in college.

Librarian Nothing excites junior bibliophiles more than being inside a library that houses thousands of books. Kids who always have their noses in a book can work as a librarian in the future. Being a librarian is described by Maryville University as an in-demand career, due to the job having a slightly higher employment rate compared to the average rate of other professions. This indicates how libraries continue to be important information centers for communities. As a librarian, your kid will be tasked with helping people find information in the library, plan special programs, organize library materials, and make sure that the library is well kept. A college course or postgraduate degree in librarianship is a general requirement when joining this noble profession.

Publisher Kids who are interested in the process of creating a book from start to finish might be interested in becoming a book publisher. This position entails a number of exciting responsibilities, including overseeing the production, selection, marketing, and distribution of new books. In addition, these professionals also work with designers, proofreaders, and editors to manage the production, editing, and designing of books. They also distribute promotional catalogs to booksellers and libraries that want to expand their selection. To become a publisher, your child can look to take a degree in communication, marketing, or business management.

Editor If your kid is an avid reader, they might be interested in becoming an editor in the future. Editors are responsible for reading book manuscripts and making corrections. They can also suggest various things that a book might need, and apply edits to whatever content an author has written. The Balance also notes that to become a book editor, your kid will need to at least have a college degree in English, journalism, or communications. In addition, it is important for editors to have plenty of experience at publishing houses and other media institutions. This can widen their view and prepare them for polishing the work of other people. Your child’s love for reading can turn into a fruitful and successful career. To learn more about encouraging your child to pursue their creative passions, read our post ‘How to Find Your Creative Outlet — According to YA Lit.

Article written by Reanne Jade


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