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Look Into the Future to Make your Next Big Decision

Gotta difficult decision you’re chewing over? Flip-flopping on? Waking at night worrying about it? If only you could go into the future and see how it works out. Well, you can. Sort of.

Here’s how…

This imaginal technique from hypnotherapy will only take you a few minutes. It’s best to do it with someone else guiding you if possible, so you can go a bit deeper. But, it’ll still work if you’re doing it alone.

First, please close your eyes if that helps you focus.

Then imagine yourself walking down a road.

Imagine the road comes to a place where there are two possible ways to go. A fork.

Check out the possible paths. One path might be saying yes to this decision. One path might be saying no. Or something else—you’ll know what the choices are for you.

Just take a moment to get clear about the two pathways that are ahead of you.

Now, slowly walk down one of the paths.

As you do, notice how it feels. There might be images, sounds, smells, feelings that you notice. Take your time. Have a good look around, really feel it out, walk down as far as you want. You might be surprised by what you discover.

When you feel complete, come back again to the fork in the road, and take a moment just to make note of what you experienced.

Now, when you’re ready, take the other path.

Again, see how it feels as you go down this path. Maybe there are things you can see? Or hear? Or feel? What are you noticing as you go down this path? Really check it out fully, take your time.

Then, when you feel complete, come back again to the fork in the road, and take a moment there to notice what you’ve found out.

Then, when you’re ready, open your eyes.

What did you discover?

My clients often express amazement about what they find out about themselves when they do this process. They often report having a feeling of more clarity or understanding.

Essentially they’re “having a look” into a future. That projected future might change over time—like if they do the process in a month, it might feel and appear a bit different to them.

And all of that can be very helpful.

Something that astonishes me about hypnotherapy is how much we already know about ourselves, even when we think we don’t. Sometimes a client will say to me, “I don’t know”. I’ll say “Well, just pretend that you know, then what would it be?” And then they’ll tell me with great clarity the thing they haven’t been able to figure out. Incredible!

Another thing I love about hypnotherapy is that essentially I’m a co-pilot, helping my client connect with their deeper selves. I don’t have any answers, I’m just helping my clients to find their own answers from that lovely, deep well of resources and knowledge they have inside themselves.

About the Author

Rachel Davies CCHt, practices as a communication coach and modern, mindfulness-based hypnotherapist. With a decade of broad training in the healing arts, including a few years studying at the innovative Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, and a previous two decades winning awards as a director in the New Zealand film industry, the depth, richness, and diversity of Davies' experience allows her to offer a wealth of grounded, practical support to her clients, along with a genuine kindness and sense of humor.


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