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Talking About Pathways After School

The Magic of no "right path"

The magic of no right path

How do we find our path?

I definitely haven’t found “the path”. I’m on a path (we all are), I’ve explored a lot of paths (we’ve all done that too) and at the end of the road, we’ll all have a map full of where we’ve been.

But if we can shift the focus from finding the “right path” to trying to find ourselves, I promise we’ll be able to make a heap of better turning decisions along the way.

Don’t let the idea of no right path demotivate you. Let it do the opposite. If there's no right path, we don't need to be worried we're not on it.

So, what's the secret? Continue to work on finding yourself. And know one thing is for sure, if you come across anyone who claims they’ve figured it all out – they’re full of it.

We’re all learning - until the last breath. And the moment you decide you’re done with it, then you may as well be. So the one key take away here is "Keep learning, keep your momentum and things will stay interesting."

Let's hear from some students and graduates on how they feel about making a decision and finding their path...

  • Student - Larnie Germain

15-Year-old Larnie's dream is to be a primary school teacher after she finishes high school.

When I asked her why she explained, “I love little kids and have always wanted to be since I was like 5. And I will love to be able to know that I helped a little kid grow up and learn stuff”.

When asked what she enjoys most about school Larnie answered, "Being able to make new friends and making relationships with my teachers. Another totally different thing is I like is to challenge myself in tasks”.
Student pathways

Larnie also knows that she wants to travel after school but she's still deciding if she will have time off to explore before she starts studying.

She said, “I'm thinking about having a gap year and travelling but many people say not to and go straight to uni and other people say take a year off so I'm not to sure yet”.

Larnie is such a positive and passionate teenager, always enjoying activities and making the most out of life. She loves playing netball and going to the beach.

I asked her what makes her laugh the hardest and she replied, “Just being around nice, funny and interesting people. My friends make me laugh a lot”!

  • Musician - Josh Williams

"Finally got our shit together and are ready to release this goddamn EP." - Crococdylus Band.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Josh Williams, one of the three guys who make up the garage rock band, Crocodylus from Sydney's Northern Beaches, before their EP Launch!

What's your dream career?

Josh: "I guess it is to become a musician but it can be pretty hard to make it these days. Other than that I am not really sure. Might start to tutor kids or be a session musician so it's all related to music, Coz it's the thing I enjoy most and think I am alright at it."

What do you love most about music?

Josh: "It's just something everyone can turn to for all sorts of reasons and it's endless the amount of music out there. Also to see people singing along to your songs feels weird haha but in a good way."

You can also sing along to Josh's, and now my favorite song by Crocodylus: 'Your Smile' here. Josh explained, "yeah we usually save this one for the end. People get pretty hectic for that one like jumping on stage and stuff."

Do you have anyone in particular that you look up to? Someone that's inspired you?

Josh: "A friend's band that just got back from a Europe tour called the Ruminators have just started up their own little label and we'd be stoked to be a part of that."

Josh's message to final year students:

"Ummmm, not to stress too much as it's not the end of the world but also give it your best shot."

Follow their journey on their FB page.

  • Crane Operator - Billy McMullen

24-year-old Billy McMullen spoke about the path he paved to his current job as a Tower Crane Operator.

"I love my job. I have done a lot of things from fishing to operating machines but tower cranes are what I've stuck to and I enjoy it - It's very rewarding.

I never even thought about it while I was young. But I really like it and to top it off its financially rewarding which always helps.

I know being young you hear people say don't wish your life away and you sorta just go "yer, yer" but it's true just enjoy school while your there and try not to stress too much about what you're going to do cause life's too short. Enjoy it, each day at a time and good things will come."

Bill is the biggest legend of a 24-year-old! If you ever get to meet him you'll instantly love him for his amazing energy and love of life, not to mention his contagious laugh!

When I asked what he loves most about life, he replied, "Lots of good things in life! Hard to pick one. I like heaps of things really surfing, fishing, music, partying, anything adventurous, family, friends and good times!"


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