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Reflections from a new graduate

Newly graduated 18-year-old, Brydee Pickup sheds light on her schooling experience, reminding us we don’t need to know where we’re going - that trying our hardest is more than enough!

If I could go back in time and interview myself after graduation, I’m pretty sure (Or at least I’d like to think I had this much insight) that it would go something along the lines of this interview.

If you don't know me you can assume this is how I would respond at the age of 18. And if you do know me, well, unless you interviewed me back then you won't really know any different either.

Amba: If you could give a piece of advice to final year students what it would be?

Brydee: Hmm that's tricky. It would probably be to remember to put school into perspective in terms of “it's not the be-all and end-all”; there are so many pathways. That your marks don't define you as a person or determine your worth, and to just do what you can, put in the effort but also remember to have balance in your life between studies, relationships, exercise, alone time, etc.

Amba: So true! How are you so wise so young! ?

Brydee: Hahahaha oh I'm not really.

Looking back at my final year exam, I put a lot of pressure on myself and I was stressed for a lot of it but I don't feel that I let any aspect of my life slip. Having said that though, like during exam times and stuff I would get very short and snappy to my family because of the pressure, so I guess it's also important during your final years of schooling to be aware of the people around you and to not get too caught up in it all, just bringing it back to keeping perspective.

Amba: Do you know what your dream job is?

Brydee: Umm not realllyyyy. Something in psychology, maybe children's psychology.

Amba: That’s ok! You don't have to! What do you like doing in your free time that makes you happy?

Brydee: Yeah, I don't feel like I have to know, that's just what I'm thinking of working towards at this stage but I'm fully aware that I will probably change my mind once I start uni :) At the moment planning my holiday and looking at photos of where I'm going! But in general, exercise is a big one for me, I find I'm much happier after I go to the gym or even just taking the dogs for a walk puts me in such a good state!

Amba: That's awesome! Me too!

Brydee: I also like cleaning (weirdly), which makes me feel more organized haha.

Amba: Haha me too! And making lists. I love a list!

Brydee: Was just about to say that! Nothing quite like the satisfaction of putting a tick next to something on a list!

Amba: Hahaha so underrated! What do you think the best thing about being at school was?

Brydee: So many things! Being with your friends every day. In your senior years, you get to know the teachers so much more as actual people more than just figures of authority. That was a massive thing for me like actually building relationships with teachers. I learned so much more than just subject content from my teachers, such amazing people! Umm what else... pushing yourself and achieving goals, learning about the way you learn, immersing yourself fully into your subjects, getting involved in the school community, being proud of yourself for actually being at school and putting in the hard yards and most of all, seeing your hard work pay off! No better feeling!

Amba: You're a clever chicken. I'm so excited about your path ahead! Thanks so much for sharing!

Brydee: No problem Am.

Through this brief chat, Brydee sums up exactly what I’m trying to get across through my book’s message.

Try your hardest, but don’t put a crazy amount of pressure on yourself.

Keep moving forward, but without expecting you’ll know where you’ll go!

Have dreams but be open to them changing!

Be grateful for your education, but don’t be defined by it!

And every day find a moment to smile.


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