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The Problem of too much choice

It’s an actual first world problem - having too many possibilities.

Picking a job, selecting a field of study or even just working out simple choices like what we’ll eat tonight.

Choice, options and more pressure to dream big and reach those stars.

But through dreaming, thinking, planning & considering our options we can start to work on designing this masterpiece that's our future.

Today, I chatted about dreams and life with an inspired and thoughtful 22-year-old, Loki Davey, a fitness instructor at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

  • What’s your dream job?

Loki: That would have to be an astronaut.

I find something about the fact that we can leave the earth amazing.

Also, I think the science the goes into building a rocket capable of that sort of thing or getting to view the earth from an angle most people would never see first hand, to simply being completely weightless are simply out of this world so too say haha!

  • Who’s someone that you look up to that inspires you?

Loki: My mixed martial arts trainer Joel Szaspary, he's always looking out for my best interests in the fight game and he seems to have an infinite knowledge of all things Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu and if there's one person who is going to help me achieve my goal of becoming a professional mixed martial artist it's him.

  • What message would you pass on to high schoolers?

Loki: A message for schoolers hmmm…

Keep your head up, life is about to get tough but if you stay focused and true to your cause you can achieve any goal you set for your self.

  • What’s the hardest thing about being an adult?

Loki: The responsibility that falls upon you for literally everything, especially when you get your own home and you need to take care of all of those household items and finer details you take for granted when you live with parents, like paying bills haha!

Loki’s so right – being an adult really does mean the responsibility falls upon us for everything.

But luckily with this great responsibility means great power…

Do what you can with it and you’ll find the right key.

What do you enjoy or not enjoy about being an adult? Share in the comments below.


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