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The Study Playlist - 5 Songs to Improve Concentration

'Tip of the Week: Use Music to Improve Concentration'

How to use music to study

Do you listen to music when studying?

It's well known that classical music improves our concentration, (there are many links to these playlists if this is your thing), but this isn't helpful if you can't stand the sound of it...

Research also shows that listening to music that you enjoy when studying increases your concentration, as long as you avoid songs with lyrics (or choose songs with a reduced amount).

So give it a go & search for songs that will get you in the working mood.

Here are 5 of our favorite beats:

1. The XX, "Intro"

If you can't get enough of this track check - out the 'Four Hour Edit' that you can get totally lost in.

2. LCD Soundsystem, "45:33"

Originally created as a workout track, it's also great for keeping the study momentum!

3. Burial & Four Tet, "Moth"

This one has 'focus' and 'study' written all over it.

4. Mist Glider, "If Only"

The perfect title for this hypnotic track.

5. M83, "Midnight City"

This one has a few more lyrics than others, but it still makes the cut for me!

Let me know if you have any others you'd like to add to the list.

Happy studying :)


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