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Top Study Destinations

Looking to study overseas, and can’t decide where?

Here are the top 10 go-to-study places to choose from and why!

1. New Zealand

Study Abroad Destinations - Finding Your Path Books

With two islands, 30 million sheep, and the strongest rugby team in the world, New Zealand is also one of the best places to study abroad because you can dabble in adrenaline pumping extreme sports in your free time while studying at some seriously top-notch universities.

From the University of Otago in the South to the University of Auckland in the North, this country’s got tons of institutions to choose from.

2. China

Study abroad destinations - Finding Your Path Books

As a world superpower housing a little more than 18 percent of the world’s population, understanding China’s complex culture shaped over thousands of years of dynasties, wars, and art has quickly become increasingly vital for the world stage.

Study abroad in any one of the dozens of cities lining the eastern coast to experience the overwhelming results of urbanization or discover China’s quieter rural areas frozen back in time.

3. Sweden

Study abroad locations - Finding Your Path Books

If you like midday coffee breaks accompanied by pastries and dancing around flowery poles on Midsummer, Sweden is calling you to study abroad next year. With a well-developed knowledge based economy, Sweden places great emphasis on education and has a highly educated population as proof, resulting in several accomplished higher education institutions.

Thousands of lakes and forests cover Sweden’s area, filling it with natural beauty and outdoor adventures all the way past the Arctic Circle. It was a “Duh!” add-on to this list of the best places to study abroad.

4. France

Study abroad locations 2018 - Finding Your Path Books

From the beaches of Normandy to the star-studded promenades of Cannes on the French Riviera, French is jam-packed with culinary delights, a freedom fighting history, and a whole lot of beauty to explore.

Apart from being an obvious choice to refine your skills in the language of love, France’s universities and study abroad programs offer incredible opportunities to study fashion, art, philosophy, and culinary arts.

5. Chile

Study Abroad Destinations 2018 - Finding Your Path Books

This slice of life is wedged between the imposing Andes mountain range to the East and a 4,000 stretch of pristine coastline on the Pacific Ocean to the West. While you may have only heard of the capital city, Santiago, there are several other cities throughout Chile’s pepper-shaped borders to consider for study abroad.

Chile shares a similar European conquest history with other Latin American countries, giving way to a unique blend of European and indigenous influences in its culture and language.

6. Spain

Study abroad locations 2018 - Finding Your Path Books

As the birthplace of the world’s second most spoken language and conveniently located just a short flight away from Africa and the rest of Europe, Spain is naturally a classic study abroad favorite (and no stranger to recognition as one of the best places to study abroad).

Dimly lit flamenco tablaos with tapas, tremendous vats of freshly prepared paella, and non-stop celebrations past towering cathedrals are only a handful of the thrilling reasons you should think about studying abroad in Spain next year.

7. Thailand

Study Abroad Destinations 2018 - Finding Your Path Books

A bargain cost of living, top universities, and tropical ethereal beaches, have made Thailand a study abroad destination hotter than its spices. Whether you choose to study in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or a more rural location, you’ll find colorful markets, mouthwatering food, and a whole lot of smiles everywhere you go.

Although tourism and business are popular traditional study options, some shorter term programs also offer volunteer opportunities in Thailand, so you can bathe elephants when you’re finished with homework.

8. Italy

Study Abroad Destinations 2018 - Finding Your Path Books

Who hasn’t dreamed of gazing upon Michelangelo’s intricate frescos in the Sistine Chapel or devouring a “real” pizza under the shadows of the Duomo’s spires in Milan?

From the great Roman civilization to some of the most savory cuisine in the world, Italy never fails to capture our imaginations. With so many study abroad programs in Italy to choose from, you can study virtually anywhere on this boot shaped country, and even on a few islands!

9. Brazil

Study Abroad Destinations 2018 - finding Your Path Books

Plunge into a country as colorful and spirited as its annual kaleidoscopic celebration of Carnival.

Although you won’t find sparsely clad samba dancers and catchy drum beats all year round, studying abroad in Brazil will introduce you to a whole new world of sun-kissed beaches, extremely friendly people, and an incredibly diverse population spread out from the remote Amazon Basin to the cosmopolitan streets of Sao Paulo.

10. England

Study Abroad Destinations 2018 - Finding Your Path Books

Prestigious top-tier institutions such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford have helped shaped England’s international reputation as a prominent destination for quality higher education and a secure place as one of the top destinations for study abroad.

Apart from a long history of academic prowess and contributions, students studying abroad in England will find no end to exciting pursuits outside the classroom. Study abroad in England and discover the all the unexpected joys that have made this destination an all-time favorite!

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Happy gap year!

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