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Wellbeing, Positive Education & Outdoor Education

Hand in hand, the three do stand!Our primal desire to be in open space, to stand with the trees or sit in the sand can be satisfied when we go bush. We connect with mother earth and our brother and sister when we unite around the camp fire.

Human beings being in the bush encourages mindfulness, grounding and freshness. We share, care and engage with our environment and the people in it.

Respect and gratitude can permeate and fill our wellbeing foundations, enabling us to be in the present, pause and nourish our being.

We have time. Time to be, time to think and time to sense. Mindfulness is amplified when we sit with the trees, leaves and dirt. The wind sings, the birds play and our sense of being can change. When we share this with others the magic continues.

Being in the bush can be sacred time, time to explore, challenge and reflect.

Character Strengths can be explored and embedded. The skill of mindfulness is practiced in all forms, waiting in line, cleaning the dishes, walking the single track, sharing stories and singing songs.

Cultivating connections, healthy relationships and awareness occurs continuously.

Gratitude jumps to the forefront as we acknowledge our new environment and appreciate our home and familiars. What we once take for granted is seen through a gracious mindset.

We shift on the continuum of understanding. The role, purpose or meaningful contribution we feel we can make evolves as inspiration of the spirit takes shape as we challenge ourselves and each other on the ropes course or bush track.

In this open environment we can open up to the positive experiences and duality of being a learner and teacher, apprentice and a master and the blurring of work and play. Flow takes over as we lose ourselves in the moment and the polar opposite can exist when we long for the moment to pass.

Change is possible and the challenge continues as we leave our bush camp site and transition into our daily lives and navigate the scripts of timetabled organisation and reconnect with out network signals.

But we are different, we have changed and somethings have shifted… we carry with us the mindful and connected spirit of the wind, the trees and the bush. Being in the sacred space of the great outdoors has created a new sacred space within and our level of awareness has risen.

About the Author

James Cummins, Founder of The Positivity Project who bespoke positive education programs, retreat day or keynote seminar to enhance levels of health, wellbeing, applied mindfulness and improved optimal performance for your students, staff and school community. Learn more.


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