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3 Tips for Deciding What To Study

You've decided you want to study after high school? But with so many choices you're struggling to decide what course to choose?!

Don't stress - making the decision to go on to study is a big enough step in itself. Congratulations! You're on your way to learning new things, whatever they may be.

We've put together three quick tips to help you nut out what course to apply for.

Deciding what to study?

1. Understand Your Choices

Explore all of the possibilities!

These range from applying to universities, private colleges and vocational training, to looking at alternative options such as free online courses or traineeships. Each having their own advantages and opportunities.

Research, research, research.

Some ideas where you can search to better understand your choices:

  • The Internet

  • Friend or family members working in your field of interest

  • Current teachers or school career advisers

  • People from the schools you’re thinking of attending

  • Informal web forums

  • Blog posts

  • Institutional websites

  • Open days

2. Select The Top Ten Choices That Interest You

After you've done as much research as you can, list down the top ten courses that interest you.

Don’t place all your focus on working towards a fixed job. It’s likely to evolve as you progress. Just list down the top ten choices that you found to be the most interesting or exciting.

That said, it’s still useful to have a broad sense of what you want to do, such as working in the field of science or design. With some sense of direction, the overall experience of studying will feel more meaningful and worthwhile. That is, you’re not just studying for the sake of studying, which can become tiresome and lead to the result of you burning/ dropping out.

When you enrol in a course that interests you, specific areas will excite you along the way, ultimately guiding you to a job that's right for you.

3. Now Dream Big & Take Your Interests Seriously

From your list of the top ten courses, choose the course that most excites you with regards to what you'll learn about.

Don't try to look too far into the future. It doesn't matter if this doesn't turn out to be your life long career. We're not expected to work this out straight out of the school gate. Many people change careers various times throughout their lives.

What's important right now, is that this will be the right decision for you (for now) if it excites you.

Remember nothing we learn is wasted. Education is our most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world. So jump in and start learning.

Don't procrastinate with trying to make the perfect decision. You'll soon learn if you really will enjoy the course - and if you do great.

If you don't, move on to try out the next one on your list!


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