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Self Care Tips For Graduates To Combat Money Stress

Some say money is the root of all evil. While we don’t condone this idea, science has shown us that it may be the root of many health problems.

72% of Americans say that they’re stressed about money, and in a country that has tripled its debt since the 1980’s, it’s looking like that percentage is only growing.

Stress has many negative health impacts. It raises blood pressure, causes headaches and muscle tension, and can even lower our immune system.

Money-related stress has also been shown to be linked to higher rates of anxiety and depression.

The good news is that once people improve their financial health, their physical health improves as well. People who pay off their debt report feeling generally healthier and happier.

But, what if we could avoid all of that stress in the first place? How can we perfect the science of wellness regardless of our financial situation?

This infographic from Self Lender offers tips for graduates on how to combat money stress and live a more peaceful life.

Self care tips to combat financial stress

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